• Jill Crowe

Why I Took Down My Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This weekend, I peeled away the peel and stick wallpaper that I so painstakingly put up last year. (OK, it really wasn't that hard), but anytime I undo something that I loved, it hurts a little.

See there was nothing wrong with the wallpaper. It was a beautiful navy color in the faux grasscloth I've used many times before. I first used it in a bookshelf at our last house. Then, within hours of moving into this house, I installed it in our powder room. A few weeks later, I installed it into my kids' bathroom, and that's where I took it down.

Our powder room with the grey/blue grasscloth wallpaper....

This was the first time I had ever used it in a bathroom with a shower. I've read the comments online from people wondering, "Is that safe to use in a bathroom with a shower?" "What about the humidity?"

Over this past year, it did wonderfully. Even though we use this bathroom daily for my kids' baths and occasional showers, it never once peeled.

But part of me also wondered what the walls would look like if I took it down. I was curious!

But probably a bigger reason to remove it was because we're getting ready to potentially sell the house. As we wait (and wait) for our next orders, I'm slowly transitioning this house into staging mode.

I really no longer think of this as "our house."

Instead, I'm looking at everything through a buyer's eyes. What will appeal to most? What would they consider a project? What could be a red flag to them?

The wallpaper fell into the category of "potential red flags."

I don't want a buyer to walk through this house and feel like they have any immediate projects to tackle. I don't want them to submit an offer lower than normal, because they think they'll need to "remove wallpaper." Even though I know it's peel and stick, they might not know that, and instead, they'll think of the gory tales they've heard from friends or family who've removed wallpaper themselves.

So here's what I uncovered!

It was extremely easy to remove. I did the entire bathroom in probably 5 minutes. There wasn't any residue on the walls - no molten glue or anything that needed to be scraped.

In one spot, the wallpaper did peel off a layer of paint underneath it. That could honestly have more to do with our walls than anything, but it's worth pointing out. To smooth this over, I'd follow these instructions of patching peeling paint.

Another positive to point out - I didn't notice any mold or damage to the walls behind the wallpaper. The humidity didn't seem to be a concern in here!

So would I install it again? Absolutely.

Here's other patterns of wallpaper that I love.

Stay tuned for how I reglazed the tile in this bathroom and staged it to sell.



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