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What Our IKEA Kitchen Remodel Cost | How Much Is A Kitchen Remodel?

It’s here! Time to reveal exactly how much we spent on our kitchen remodel.

I know lots of you are wondering if a kitchen remodel is in your future or budget. When I initially joined FB groups about kitchen remodeling, I was shocked at what people were spending. $40,000-$75,000 was not unheard of.

We have an IKEA store near us, so we wanted to at least look at their cabinets and see. For more on the planning process and what other company we considered, click here.

After researching, we decided IKEA was perfect for us. The cabinets are awesome quality; they have endless customization options, and the I love how easily they wipe clean.

But was a full kitchen renovation in our wheel house? We weren’t sure. We were both handy and design savvy. We knew how we wanted the kitchen laid out, but could we handle all of the assembly ourselves? We weren’t sure.

I will say - if we had a kitchenette, family close by, or if I wasn’t working full-time, I would have maybe considered putting it together ourselves.

But we also found a company locally who specializes in IKEA kitchen assembly. They also are contractors and have a crew of plumbers, tile workers, and electricians that they work closely with. Lining up all of those subcontractors myself (and without much delay in between) would have dragged out the remodel weeks and maybe even months.

That being said, it made sense to spend more to have contractors handle it all, and I’m so glad we did. Our kitchen renovation lasted about 5 weeks from December 14 to January 21. Yes, we didn’t have a kitchen over Christmas, but it was worth it to be done quickly.

Here’s the breakdown of what we spent:

Demo - Demo and haul away of our existing kitchen cabinets and countertops - $750

Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, Painting, Flooring - After the cabinets came down, they walled off a doorway and patched some of the drywall. We also moved the gas line to put our stove in a different place and capped off some water lines. Some extra wiring was needed. You may or may not need all of this. - $4000

Installation of LVP - $445

LVP flooring (materials) - $592

Kitchen cabinet assembly and installation - $4800

Installation of dishwasher, gas range, range hood, and LED under cabinet lights - $748

Quartz countertops - $78/sq ft $3744 (Ours are LG Muse)

Tile backsplash installation (up to ceiling) - $1700 (23/sq ft)

Backsplash tile -$298

Cabinets (from IKEA) - $5500 - We did the White Bobdyn (This is so much less than quotes from other places. This is the figure you want to focus on, if you can DIY the rest yourself).

Range hood - $1700

Hardware - $300

Faucet - $120

Grand total for a turnkey kitchen - $21,097

Now if you want to DIY this a bit more, here’s where I think you could save:

Assemble and install the cabinets yourselves - Save $4800

Skip the backsplash for now - Save $2000

Keep your flooring - Save $1037

Use paint you have on hand for walls, DIY - Save $650

Use granite or less expensive countertops - $1000 off

Savings - $9487

DIY kitchen total - $11,610

And that’s if you have a kitchen the exact same size as us. Yours may be smaller, or you may not need as many cabinets as us!

To spread out the cost, we also began shopping for our IKEA cabinets almost a year before we even began demo. This was mostly due to Covid supply issues, but it also spread the cost of the cabinets out a bit.

If you have an extra room, you could also assemble your cabinets and keep them in there until you're ready. We didn't have that extra space.

Anyway, I hope this helps with your kitchen remodel plans!

Let me know here or on Instagram if you want to know anything more about this project!


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