• Jill Crowe

We're Moving!

That's right. We got a verbal confirmation that orders are waiting for us to move this Summer.

Before I share where, let me just remind you all that military members rarely get to decide where they serve YOU.

If you don't like the area we're moving to, please keep that to yourself.

This is a stressful time for our family, as we now need to sell this house and buy a new one in four months, find a new school for our kids, find a home in the craziest housing market ever, purge, arrange movers for our vehicle, finish remodeling, fly to our new location to scout out houses and the area, pack, stage our home, list it, sell, and find a new home, all within four months.

I think a lot of people think the military handles this for us, but they do not.

This is also my first time moving with little children, whose worlds are about to be rocked.

So please be kind to us and to all of our military families as PCS season is upon us.

Our orders are to Miami, Fl. We're excited to be living somewhere warmer, even though my mind can't even fathom anything warmer than New Orleans.

We plan to fly down in a few weeks to scout out houses, get to know the area, and familiarize ourselves with what will be our home for the next three years.

Thank you for your support and kind words as we make this change as a family!



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