• Jill Crowe

Summer Poolside and Beach Finds, Cover Up, Swimsuit, Wine Carrier, Pop Up Table, Swizzle Sticks

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Bogg Bag - Extra Large. This one has more color options available

Summer poolside looks and finds!

Love this long swimsuit coverup, perfect for going into a restaurant after the beach or pool.

I have the Old Navy two piece one shoulder swimsuit linked here, and it’s fabulous. (Take my word for it because you won’t see a pic).

The Bogg beach bag is also a must. It stands upright at the beach and you can spray sand out of it with a hose.

I love this wine glass and bottle holder. I have a similar one that’s so handy and chic for entertaining. How else can you carry six wine glasses and a bottle at once? 🤔

This cooler also pops up to become a table! Whoa.

Love these cute Staffordshire swizzle sticks too!

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