• Jill Crowe

Springtime Patio Essentials

I've been dreaming of Spring and our outdoor renovation projects. Redoing our house's deck is at the top of our list, and here's my mood board for it! Can't you just envision sipping rose in the sun in this spot? We have this indoor/outdoor rug already, and it's GORGEOUS in person. I'm also a BIG fan of these white planter boxes. I think I have 6? But I'm a bit of a topiary junky. They were so hard to find last summer, so I'd buy them now if you like them!

White Planter Boxes

Indoor/Outdoor rug

Patio Set

Striped Lumbar Pillow

Blue and White Flower Pots

Blue and White Citronella Candles

Wicker Pitcher

Wicker Wine Glass

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