• Jill Crowe

My Skincare Routine, SPF CC Cream, and Moisturizer

The other day you guys flooded my DM‘s about my skin care routine. I never thought I would be someone to give that advice, but I do have a recommendation based on something I’ve been using for the past six weeks.

When I turned 35 in January, I knew I wanted to step up my anti-aging routine.

Through some research, I found Dermatica. Their process is pretty unique. First, you send them a photo of your face, and a doctor examines the photo. Then they formulate a prescription for exactly what you need. In a few days, you get it in the mail. Each month after that, they adjust your levels and mail it straight to you.

I loved the convenience it offered because I was able to "see" a doctor without having to make an appointment somewhere. I also knew I wanted something "more" than just over the counter products. I've been down the road of lotions, ointments, and retinols from big-box stores.

Start Today and Save

They're offering a promo for my followers, which I'm so excited to share. You'll receive your first month free AND 25% off your second month's treatment when you purchase through here.

My Other Favorite Products

I've been a fan of Skinceuticals since I got a facial at a spa in 2015, and my facialist said it's the only products she'll ever recommend. Their cleanser unclogs my pores (which tend me to large) while not stripping my skin of the oils it needs.

I also use a moisturizer both morning and night. I tend to change that up a bit, but I've been pretty happy with this Aveeno one recently. It's on the thicker side, but I love it.

I also use It Cosmetics CC Cream because it includes an SPF. I know that's makeup, but it's packed with anti-aging properties as well.

Hope this helps! Skincare is definitely a journey we're all on individually and for the long term. If I find anything else that "works," I'll be sure to let you know.

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