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Shop My Home - Affordable Home Finds for February

This month on Amazon Live, I'm focusing on my favorite products in my home. If you've never shopped on Amazon Live before, it's a fun way to see Amazon products in person before you purchase.

Scroll the products below my video to see what I'm showcasing!

I treated myself to this tissue box cover last Spring. It's just so darling. Warning: If you buy this tissue box cover, every other tissue box will be jealous.

These. swivel chairs a fantastic way to create a conversation area. Chairs like these are usually $600-$700, but these are far less. They swivel and are a cream color. You can see the difference between them and my stark white coffee table.

I hear from a lot of you that you need a duvet that isn't white. I get it! Our dog sleeps at the foot of our bed, and honestly, my kids have been known to climb in. This microfiber duvet has a zipper closure and comes with two shams. I have the blue grey option here, but there's tons of colors to choose from.

These $11 pillows have such a pretty pattern to them. They go perfectly with the duvet cover. You'll need to add inserts inside, but I've linked those in my Amazon Live as well.

I've also linked the pretty gold bamboo picture frames. Love those!

We couldn't have survived our kitchen remodel without this air fryer. We used it to make everything from the kid's chicken nuggets to salmon to meatballs and roasted Brussel sprouts. I even still use it now that we have an oven again. Compared to others, this one heats up quickly and has a large basket for more food. (like Super Bowl wings)

Cozy blanket alert. This affordable blanket by Bedsure has been keeping me warm on the mom chair. It also comes in 60"x80" for your bed.

I'm slowly easing into kitchen organization. I love this bamboo utensil tray that's actually adjustable. You can make it shorter or wider, depending on your needs. I'm using it in conjunction with this drawer knife block. Having a knife block on the counter isn't my favorite, so keeping them here in the drawer is a nice alternative. It has slots for way more knives that I'm showing. The rest were still in storage!

These microfiber pillows have been a game changer for my allergies. I used to swear by down pillows, but these are so much better for me. They send you an extra sleeve of microfiber, too, so you can make them as full as you'd like.

My favorite affordable pillow from last year. It's worn in so nicely.

These bamboo chairs are well-made and beautiful. They come in and out of stock, so if you see them in stock, pounce!

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