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Shop My Budget Bedroom, Duvet Set, Quilt and More

If there's one room I tend to save on, it's our primary bedroom. No one except us really sees it, so I have a hard time making splurges in there. That being said, I don't want to sleep somewhere that feels unfinished to me, and with selling our house every few years, I do need to keep resale in mind.

I just got this duvet cover and pillows, and I'm SO impressed. Not only is it soft, but the embroidery on it looks much more expensive. I remember trying to find a set like this when I did embroidery (wouldn't it look great with a monogram?) and I could never find one within budget. This one is only $30 right now! You get the duvet cover AND two pillow shams. I chose the light blue, but there's a bunch of colors.

Our bed frame isn't anything fancy, but it's indestructible and easy to set up, and if there's one thing you want when you move, it's a bed that doesn't take long to set up. This one takes seconds. AND you don't need a box spring for it.

I'm using my favorite Walmart gold curtain rods in here. They're such a steal that I'm slowing changing over every room to them. The curtains are ones I used in my last house. I couldn't find them online, but I've linked similar ones at Marshall's. I love the texture they add to a room.

I have this iPhone charger stand for both of our nightstands. It's great because it holds my phone, Apple watch, and ear buds. I like that I can keep the wires at bay with it, and it makes it easier at night to look over and find my phone if I need it.

Lastly, I'm linking my favorite diffuser. I use this one to fill the entire upstairs with my favorite scent - Anthropologie's Capri Blue Volcano. This stuff is smells so amazing that I pretty much have it running at all times of day both upstairs and downstairs.

Duvet Cover and Shams - The BEST! And such a steal!

*New - Blue and White Floral Quilt

Diffuser - Great for large rooms or entire floors!

Anthro Blue Volcano Essential Oil - My favorite scent!

Tufted Headboard - Classic!

Curtains - Adds texture to the room

Gold Curtain Rods - Using these throughout the house. So well priced!

Bamboo Roman Shades - Our go-to shades. We've used these in two houses now!

Pillows - Not too firm, not too soft, and you can take filling out!

Bedskirt - Gets the job done!

Bed Frame - We store SO much under here!

Phone/Watch/Airpod Charger Stand -Frees up space on my nightstand

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