• Jill Crowe

Sconce Light Trick, Puck Light Trick, Sconces

I love the look of sconces, but hiring an electrician each time I'd like a sconce can be expensive. Instead, I use this puck light trick to get the look I want. These puck lights last for 100 hours.

You'll need a 3/4 inch PVC adapter (I got mine at Home Depot in the plumbing aisle). It just screws into the light socket and creates a flat surface for you to glue your puck light onto.

Then you'll screw that puck light contraption into the sconce.

Just drill your sconce into your wall, click the remote these puck lights come with, and voila!

*I've linked some sconces that I THINK this will work with, but if you can, double check the width of the shade vs. the width of the puck light*

*For shades sconces, I tilt the puck light on its side and face it out from the wall.*

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