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Happy New Year! Do you make resolutions? As a Capricorn, I'm always trying to improve myself, so really I make resolutions year round, but on New Years Day, I generally like to look at my overall wellness and see where I could improve.

This year, I started waking up earlier at 5 a.m. so that I could work and also have some minutes to myself. It can be daunting at first, but now it's normal and I savor those early hours of peace and quiet.

As for this year? I'd like to be more organized, exercise more, and pair down on clutter.

Here are some products I'm using to achieve those new goals. Perhaps they'll resonate with you too.

Day Planner - Every good resolution maker needs a planner, right? This one has tabs for each month, sections devoted to goal setting, meal planning, mindfulness, gratitude, and more. It's more of an overall wellness planner. It's what I'll be using this year.

Charging Station - I got this for our family so we can charge our tablets and devices. If you're looking to limit screen time this year, consider having everyone charge their phones and tablets here after dinner so you can all unplug together.

Battery Organizer - We have batteries all over the house. It's sort of embarrassing, but AA are upstairs and AAA are in my office. D's - who knows where those are. This keeps all of your batteries in one spot AND comes with a strength tester. When a random battery shows up, you can test and see if it still has any juice.

Purse Organizer -This felt organizer fits inside of your purse. I'm always fishing around my bag for my keys and wallet. It's a hot mess. This will hopefully keep the inside of my purse more organized.

Desk Chair - A brand sent me this chair and a coupon code for us! I do find it comfortable. It's ergonomic, and I've been using it for about two weeks now when I work at my desk. The height is adjustable. Save 15% off with code PYYOUKUI.

Yoga Mat - I need a new yoga mat, and this one is Amazon's recommended yoga mat. It's very squishy, which is how I like them. It comes with a carrying case, so if you're going to a class, you can bring your own mat. Major plus.

Resistance Bands - These are great to use when working out for some extra strength training. They come with a carrying case and workout ideas.

Adjustable Weight Set - You can make this dumbbell be 5 lbs to 52 lbs, depending on how much weight you'd like. It saves us a lot of space!

Bath Tub Tray - OK This thing is amazing. It has a holder for your tablet, a cupholder for your wine glass, and sections for things you'd actually need in a bathtub like soap haha.

Shower Steamers. - I love these shower steamers. The Calm scent is lavender, which is fabulous after a long day. Drop them into your shower floor and let the steam activate them.

Day Planner- This planner has so many reflections built into it that you could use it for a journal as well.

Bamboo Cutlery Organizer - This adjusts so it can fit a narrow or a wide drawer!

Glass Storage Containers - These are my go-to containers for leftovers or side dishes. I like that they're glass, so I can easily reheat inside them.

Knife Drawer Organizer - This is a knife block that can go into your drawers. I like that it frees up counter space. It holds a ton of knives!

Space Saver Bags - I will sing the praises of these for the rest of my life. I gained an entire two shelves in my 1 linen closet this week by shrinking bedding using these.

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