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A lot of you mentioned wanting to upgrade your landscaping at your house. I'm sharing today some of my favorite yard essentials that we use!

Wood Chipper - If you're trimming a tree or shrub, you can feed it through this machine and make your own mulch. Also, it's so much easier than bagging, and those chips and leaves make excellent compost. Garden Bed Rototiller - I love this little tiller. We've used it to reseed our lawns, dig up our compacted garden beds, and here, to loosen the yard so we can add some garden pavers.

Lawn Mower - We have smaller sized yards, so we use this electric lawnmower. It's been great to not have to have a gas can around, which sort of scares me with little kids.

Pressure Washer - Same brand. We use this for so much: cleaning the deck, lawn chair cushions, siding, prepping the house for exterior paint, cleaning the driveway, garden pavers...

Garden Boots - It can get muddy out there, especially if you're pressure washing.

Garden Pruners - You'll want your own set of pruning tools to trim back things like roses or to clip your hydrangeas. Don't just use scissors from your house. They could have something on them that will infect your plant. And if you're trimming a diseased plant, clean them before using them on another plant.

Water Crystals for Flower Boxes - If you have flower boxes or planters and live in a warm climate, these are essential. They store water and slowly release it as the soil dries out. You'll need to water less and you'll ensure that your plant doesn't dry out. Great to use before you go on vacation!

Miracle Gro for Flowering Shrubs and Trees - This is my go-to for my hydrangeas, flowering trees, and boxwoods.

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