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On Deal - Some of My Favorite Vacuums!

Today's deals are packed with some of my favorite vacuums. Listen, I have a lot of vacuums. Like - more than most department stores. I've grown my collection, use them all around my house, and recommend truly only the ones I love (there's one big name brand I'll probably never recommend because it's like pushing a frozen turkey on a stick).


But vacuums can be such a hard thing to shop for. Gone are the days of department stores that carried tens of vacuums. I remember going there on Friday nights as a kid with my mom, watching her try out all the vacuums and talking to the salesman who knew all of them inside-out. Now, shoppers rely on people like me to get into the nuance of each vacuum on the market, whether it's cordless, handheld, upright, robot, mop, or carpet shampooer. I've got them all!

These are some of my favorite vacuums, and they're on deal today!

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Bissell Pet Stain Eraser

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This Bissell Pet Stain Eraser is a handheld vacuum that works really well if you have spots to treat on carpet, area rugs, upholstery, car seats, or stairs. It also comes with two bottles of formula, so you can use it right out the box to clean those messes. It has a scrubber brush on the bottom to work in the solution. I like to spray and let the solution sit for about 5 minutes to lift the stain. Then you'll pull it back and suck up the solution and mess into the bottom reservoir. Empty that into your toilet, et voila. Clean carpet. Watch my review video here.

Bissell Spinwave Upright Mop

This mop is downright fun to use! This is a fantastic alternative to a mop and a bucket because it does a lot of the work for you. The rotating scrubber pads really scrub to get and dirt or grime off of your floors. We had tree sap on our floors, and this was the only thing to get it off! You can also easily remove the pads and throw them into the wash.

To use, fill the cartridge with water to the fill line (it's like 95% of the way up). Then you top it off with some Bissell formula. You can get a Multi-Surface formula or a hardwood floor formula, depending on what you're mopping. Watch my walkthrough video here.

The Bissell Turboclean Carpet Shampooer

I love shampooing my carpets. I would do it every week if I had the time. If you're someone who rents a carpet shampooer, seriously consider getting this affordable option by Bissell instead. You'll have it on hand for pet or kid messes, general maintenance of your carpet, or extending the life of your area rugs.

The Turboclean has two compartments: one for clean water and formula and the other for the dirty water. As you push it forward, it dispenses the solution onto your carpet. As you pull it back, it draws the water up. You can see all the dirt and grime it's pulling up, which is both disgusting and satisfying.

Shark Anti-Allergen Cordless Vacuum

This lightweight cordless vacuum by Shark has two modes for cleaning hard surfaces or carpeted floors. If you love a deep clean or have a lot of carpet, I'll almost always recommend an upright vacuum for the power. However, this cordless by Shark performed well on my carpet and especially well on my stairs, area rugs, and hard surfaces. This one comes with three different accessories, if you'd like to make it into a handheld vacuum for your baseboards, stairs, or car. You can also attach them onto the long "arm," so you don't need to bend down or reach high to pick up large debris. A single charge will give you 40 minutes of power, which is pretty standard among cordless. Lastly, if you have hair that gets wrapped around vacuums, you may want to consider this for its tangle-free brushroll. Watch my walkthrough video here.

Bissell Spinwave - Robot Vac/Mop

The Spinwave robot vac is such a great robot vacuum. It did well on my carpet, tile, and hardwoods. It has two brushes to bring debris into the brushroll. It also has a rotating brushroll, which I usually look for with robot vacuums, so it doesn't rely on suction alone.

The Spinwave is also capable of switching into mop mode. You'll swap out the vacuum cartridge for a cartridge you fill with water and formula. With a touch of a button, it goes around your room line by line to mop. When it's in mop mode, it won't go onto your carpet or area rugs either. It's smart.

You can also set it on a schedule to clean every night. A dream!

Watch my walkthrough video here.

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