• Jill Crowe

My New Vacuum

I have a lot of vacuums. An upright, a robot, a Dyson cordless, a Bissell that's part shop-vac, part vacuum, and they're all great in their own right. My upright vacuum was starting to give out after 5 years, so I've been searching for a new one.

That's when I saw this Bissell on sale. It gets great reviews, is heavy duty for pets, and was priced under $100 - PERFECT.

What I didn't expect was the amount of dust and dirt this little lady would reveal in my home. I vacuum daily. It's one chore I don't mind doing, but this Bissell picked up so much dirt in my first go around that it's making me question my other vacuums' health!

After sharing it, you have been DMing me pics from your first go-around with this vacuum as well! It seriously is my favorite vacuum in my collection. It has great suction, swivels like a Dyson, and is bagless. The other thing I wish it has is the ability to retract the cord, but for $100, I can live with that.

*Commissionable link below - Thank you for shopping through it!*

Bissell Vacuum

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