• Jill Crowe

My Magnolia Garland

Don't you love Magnolia garland? At our last house, we had a gigantic magnolia tree. That tree was so messy. I spent the most of my days - year round - raking its gigantic leaves.

But even with all that raking, I still love magnolia wreaths and magnolia garland.

I found this seller on Etsy who makes custom Magnolia garland. You can order by the foot! I ordered 9 feet for swag to go up my staircase.

I think this would also make a lovely table runner or swag for your mantle or doorway!

She did get a bit busy over the holidays, so I'm writing a note in my 2022 planner to order from her sometime in October. Hopefully, that means I'll get my garland in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What do you think? Do you like magnolia garland too?

Sources: Magnolia Garland, Picture Frames

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