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My Amazon Wishlist Items - Pink Slippers, Family Decor Book, Collagen Powder, Swing Dress, Foo Dogs

Items from my Amazon Wish List. Do you have a wish list? I have one on Amazon that I add things to that aren't essential but that would make nice gifts for me from time to time. I then "invited" my husband to it, so he gets an alert anytime I add something to it! When he travels or it's my birthday, he'll send me something from this list. It's a win-win!

  • I'd love to have two of these swivel chairs in my living room or primary bedroom.

  • These hobnail glasses would be so nice for summer.

  • My friends swear by this Collagen Powder.

  • This coffee table book is all about having a beautiful home even if it's full of kids.Tell me your secrets, lady.

  • These foo dogs are supposed to bring wealth and good luck to your home. Keep them in your foyer with the female on the left and the male on the right. I'm all for luck in 2021.



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