• Jill Crowe

Linden Lamp Dupe - Get the Look!

Love the look of the Linden lamp but hate the $600+ price tag? Try this dupe.

Find yourself a similarly shaped lamp on FBMP, NextDoor, or Offerup. It doesn’t matter if it has a design on it already; you're going to spray paint over that. I was able to find a pair on Offer Up for $25!

The hardest part about this dupe is getting the spacing right. Some people like their balls to line up and down both horizontally and vertically. I like that look too, but sometimes your lamp dictates otherwise.

To get the spacing right, I use painter's tape. I wad up a little bit of painters tape and apply it to the backs of each of the halved balls. This allows me to reposition the balls until I like their spacing.

I think it makes sense to work from top to bottom the whole way around the lamp. So start with your first row at the top, getting the horizontal spacing right, then move to your second row. Continue the whole way around the lamp until you're pleased with how it looks.

When your balls are in the right place 😂, break out your hot glue gun. I tried Gorilla glue initially, and they didn’t attach at all. It was such a mess with balls falling off seconds after I glued them on. It was almost laughable because I’d be making dinner and just hear wooden balls dropping to the floor. The agony!

What I learned: Because you’re gluing something flat onto a curved surface, you need the hot glue that will build up and conform to the gaps.

Glue the balls on one at a time, carefully removing the tape while also remembering where you had it taped.

OK, the balls are on. Before you spray them, I like to put a plastic bag over my lamp's loop and secure it with tape. This ensures that you don't accidentally spray the loop white. You can do this with your cord, too!

Time to take it outside and spray the lamp. I just used Rustoleum spray paint in White. You’ll probably need two coats, so make sure you set aside some time for each coat to fully dry.

Be sure to angle your spraying so that you are getting the underside of the balls too. I might suggest spraying the balls before you glue them, but I don’t know if the paint would scratch as you reposition them with tape. That being said, it would probably also work well that way!

Here’s your shopping list! Suffice it to say, it’s a lot less than $600 for a lamp! I used the halved wooden balls for mine, but I think the whole balls would look more accurate to the Linden Lamp!

Update July 2021! Here's a second set that I did!

I found these lamps for just $4 each at our local thrift store!

I used the same Rustoleum spray paint, wooden balls, and hot glue. I like these even. more!

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