• Jill Crowe

Let's Talk Boxwoods! Faux Topiaries, Boxwood Wreaths, and Garden Tools

Topiaries require a lot of water and attention if they’re not in the ground. I keep mine in full to part-sun and watch to make sure they’re not drying out or wilting.

Miracle Gro Shake N Feed - I use this about once a month on my boxwoods from Spring to Fall.

Water Crystals - I use these in the summer to help them from drying out. These things are great for any planter box or window box. So much less watering!

Garden Sheers - I use these to trim the boxwoods into shape if they're growing and losing their shape. When boxwoods grow, the new leaves will be bright green. If they're yellow, they're being overwatered. If they're brown, theyre drying out.

Lion - Love this for an entryway

Chippendale Planter - These are already going in and out of stock and going up in price! I would buy them now before summer. Last summer, it was hard to find them.

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