• Jill Crowe

It Cosmetics Spring Sale CC Cream, Eye Cream, Undereye Makeup

Big sale at It Cosmetics! Up to 30% off. Linking all the IT cosmetics I love, including their CC Cream “Bye Bye Foundation”. (I use “Light.”)

I love using their CC Cream because of its anti-aging properties and sunscreen built in. It’s also light and doesn’t settle into wrinkles like other foundations, but still somehow provides good coverage.

I’ve tried the Illumination version before, and it’s definitely glowy. I like the matte version better though, that way I can add highlighter when I want and where I want.

Their Bye Bye Undereye Anti-aging Concealer is also no joke. That stuff hides dark circles for real. And their brow pencils are nice. I swear when I started penciling in my brows - even just a bit - it took years off my face.

I’m going to try their eye cream too, which is 50% off!

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