• Jill Crowe

IKEA Ritva Curtain Hack - Get the Look of Custom!

One thing I knew when we moved into this house was that I wanted to do the IKEA curtain trick to get the look of expensive, custom curtains. You'll need drapery pins and rings to achieve this look - but don't freak out. It's easy peasy. I spaced my pins about 6" apart and then hooked two pins onto one ring to create my pleat. I paired them with these golden curtain rods - you won't believe the price on those! It makes phasing out my black curtain rods much easier.

My Bamboo Shades are linked here. My White Roman Shades are linked here

Read my full instructions here!

Gold Curtain Rods

IKEA Ritva Curtains

Drapery Pins

Drapery Rings Gold

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