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My White Bobdyn IKEA Kitchen Reveal!

Our kitchen is done! The entire renovation took us about 5 weeks. We started December 14, and our contractors were done by January 21 with the heavy lifting. But the work really began last year, when Mike and I designed the IKEA kitchen and began building our stockpile of IKEA cabinets. Learn how we designed our kitchen here.

I love these Ballard dupe semi-flush mount lights in gold. Our ceilings are 8' high, so they still keep the room feeling high and airy. This runner keeps moving for the sunporch into here. I think it wants to be in the kitchen.

We purchased this refrigerator last Spring and only now realized that we still have the plastic on it. HA! I think we'll keep the plastic on it until we go to sell. May as well keep protecting it!

This photo also illustrates the differences in whites. The cabinets are IKEA's White Bobdyn, which tend to be a little creamy. Our walls are Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. And our doors and trim are BM Decorator's White, which is a bright white. To me, the cabinets and Swiss Coffee are an exact match.

For our counters, we went with a Quartz called LG Muse. We wanted something that looks like marble but that could still take our messiness. It has light grey veining that's subtle throughout.

I really liked the idea of continuing the counters up the backsplash wall. For a few reasons, we opted to do tile instead. First, our tile contractor was not crazy about the idea. We also weren't sure how we would handle the outlets, which had just been installed and created, so we sort of missed the opportunity there. Lastly. the cost. It would be have been probably about $70/sq ft in materials to do the slab on the walls, plus the installation which was questionable in our 1950s house.

From the start, I really wanted the hood wall to be a statement, and I wasn't sure doing a backsplash just 20" up would have an impact. I also feared it would make the wall seem shorter by bringing your eyes downward.

In the end, we went with this 4"x12" Calacatta ceramic marble tile. It gave me slab-continuation-vibes but was much more manageable engineering-wise to install. I also like the slightly larger tiles to bring out more of the veining and not look as common as regular subway tiles.

Our hood was from Hoodsly. I ordered the "Quick Ship" hood which saved us some money because we painted it ourselves. It was supposed to ship the next day, but it didn't ship for a week, and even then, they shipped it to another customer in North Caroline. I wasn't impressed with their customer service (they never apologized) but the hood is well-made.

Our flooring is luxury vinyl by Lifeproof and we found it at Home Depot. It's the French Oak color. We took a few trips to Home Depot over the past year to look at flooring and ultimately decided to go with this lighter color in a wider plank. To me, it felt more current and it matches the rest of our house.

Watch Us Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring on my YouTube Channel

I stumbled upon this Roman shade at IKEA a few weeks ago. I didn't even know if it would fit this window at the time, but I'm so glad I made this impulse buy! It fits perfectly. I love the green ticking stripe. It feels almost Parisian to me.

Step stool is a Marshall's find!

Can you tell I have a thing for marble? I spotted these cutting boards at Target during the renovation and felt like they really summed up this kitchen: marble and warmth. Big cutting board. Small cutting board.

The marble cloche was a wedding gift that has somehow survived all of our moves. I don't see it on Macy's website anymore. Just like these cookies - it's *gone.*

I knew almost immediately that I wanted this style of faucet. While it may lean more Grandmillennial than most buyers would want, this is one that I had to have. It sort of launched us into a brass fixture look, and I'm glad it did.

The drawer and cabinet handles are a brass color in a transitional style. I've found them on Home Depot and Wayfair's website. If they're out of stock somewhere. check those sites. We did 6" pulls on the cabinets and smaller drawers and 12" pulls on our wide drawers.

When searching for pulls, I think it's easier to find pulls you like, rather than focusing on size first. If you find a pull you'll love, you can narrow down the sizes it comes in. but it's hard to search just by size first.

Thank you all for following along on our kitchen remodel. While we may be getting military orders soon to move, I'm grateful we were able to take this on. I learned a lot about doing a total gut kitchen and would definitely do it all over again if it meant having this kitchen.

I'll be sharing the costs and budget breakdown after we sell our home this Spring.



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