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How to Decoupage Christmas Ornaments - Blue & White Ornaments, Grandmillennial Christmas Ornaments

Ready for a crafternoon? This is an easy project if you'd like to add something handmade to your Christmas tree.

In fact, each of these bulbs only took me a few minutes. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be cranking them out in no time! I made 8 today alone in about an hour.

Shopping List

Alright! Line up all of your items on a table in front of you.

I like to start by taking out a napkin and peeling off the second ply that doesn't have a design on it. Then, I like to tear my napkin in half. This is totally preference. Some people may like the look of smaller pieces mod podged together. I like to keep as much of the pattern intact as possible, so I try to do two large napkin pieces on each bulb and some smaller pieces to cover any bare spots.

Now that you have your napkins ready, I start by coating half the ornament with mod podge. I coat half because then I have a non-glued surface to hold onto.

Press the napkin into the glue, smoothing out the surfaces with your sponge brush as you go. I like to avoid using my fingers as much as possible because they tend to get tacky and pull the napkin off of the ornament. *Sigh*

You might see some edges that are popping up. I like to go over the edges of the paper with a layer of mod lodge on top. This helps to tack it down a bit.

Next, I glue the other side. Because I've lost my clean surface to hold onto, I held onto the top the ornament where your hook goes. That little guy was super helpful!

Press your other large piece of napkins over top of the glue. Again, tack down any edges that are popping up with a top layer of the glue.

Now, you may notice some bare spots as you give it a spin. This is where some tiny pieces of napkin come in handy, although your hands may be tacky.

Here's a little trick - I stick an ornament hook into mine if I needed to set it down and hung it from my chandelier! This way, while the glue was drying, it didn't stick onto any surfaces. If you don't have a chandelier this would work on, try hanging them from a shelf. I also considered a drying rack for baking.

But isn't this cute on its own??? I may need to make more for a chandelier decoration.

Add your tiny napkin pieces to the bare spots with a little dab of glue. Smooth out with your fingers as needed!

I like them alone on the hooks, but if you'd like to add some more va va voom, I suggest a bow made from ribbon at the top of them. It really beefs up their presence on the tree, too!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! Really, these are hard to mess up. Have fun with it!

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