• Jill Crowe

Holiday Gift Guide- Babies to 24 Months

Thank you for shopping through here! I've had most of these items for my kids and loved them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

When shopping for a baby for the holidays, it can be hard to know what to buy! Especially if you aren't a parent, the baby and toddler stage can seem so foreign.

So what do you buy a baby? What are great gifts for infants? What's the best toy for a toddler?

In my Baby and Toddler Gift Guide, I've included toys that my kids loved. At this stage, everything was new and exciting, so some of the most simple toys were their favorites - like the blocks for babies, the tent, stacking blocks, and stuffed animals.

As they crawled, we expanded their toys to play tubes with balls, a climbing play-mat, and cars and trucks they could pushed.

After their first birthday, you can introduce toys that they can push like the lawnmower, and as they get closer to their second birthday, we enjoyed the Radio Flyer push tricycle and even the Mini Micro Scooter (we started that at 18 months sitting).

I hope this guide helps you as you search for toys for baby!

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