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Great deals on bistro chairs, dishwear, and a blue and white lamp

Commissionable links

Console Table

White Bistro Chairs - The best price I've seen on a pair of these

Blue and White Lamp - Great for a kitchen lamp! Do you have one? It'll change the whole mood in your kitchen.

Navy Watercolor - It's white. It's navy. It's officially my weakness.

Perlette Dinner Bowls- I showed these IRL today on my stories, and my DMs lit up. I can only find them in stock at BBB, but good news - It's the best price I've seen them!

Perlette Dinner Plates - These to match!

Pagoda Lantern - Double Tier! - This is the big sister to the Pagoda lantern I've posted before. If you have a grand entryway or tall ceilings in your kitchen, this is the way to go.

Tassel Storage Box - You guys are always asking for creative and pretty ways to store toys or other necessities. This is it.

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