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Gifts for All Budgets

Still need a gift idea? I've rounded up some of my favorite gifts for all budgets in my latest Amazon Live. I personally own all of these products, so if you have any questions about them, feel free to message me on Instagram.

To shop these products, click the product carousel below my video!

Insulated Wine Cooler Bag - $25

This is a nice quality wine cooler bag. The inside is lined, so it will keep your wine chilled. There's also a divider wall in the middle, so two bottles won't clang against each other.

I like this as a gift idea for newlyweds, empty nesters, those who like to entertain or go to dinner parties, as a co-worker gift, a neighbor gift, or a white elephant exchange gift.

USB Candle Lighters - $19.98 for two

These are some of my favorite recent purchases! I love these USB candle lighters. You plug them in to charge, and then you have the ability to light a candle with them. You kind of have to see them to believe it, so watch them here on my Amazon Live.

These also come in a two pack, so you can split them up if you'd like as well. Gift them with or without a small candle!

Solo Stove - Bonfire With Stand

We recently go a Solo Stove, and I am surprised at how much I enjoy this! I never really was a big fan of bonfires. Too much smoke and dangerous for little ones. But I've changed my ways because of this Solo Stove.

The Bonfire is the perfect size for your backyard. It's decently large, but it's not their largest size - the Yukon. Some of you own the Yukon and say it's hard to empty and hard to transport. The Bonfire, for instance, could fit in your car if you want to take it somewhere. That being said, I could still see buying a Yukon someday!

Our Solo Stove Bonfire came with a stand. This allows air to circulate from the bottom, which also enables you to put this more places. We use ours in the grass with no problem. I've read online that you can use them on decks (Trex and wood), but just know that I haven't tried that yet. (Update: I did speak with Solo Stove during an Amazon Live, and they said you can put it on your deck just fine, but you could put a cement slab under it if you're still scared).

What also makes these great is that Solo Stove's are designed to emit less smoke. We've never had to move our chairs because of smoke, for instance. I love that.

And while kids are still a concern with any fire pit, mine are at an age where they know not to play around it. We also always have an adult beside it.

Men's Lacoste Robe

If you still need something for the guy in your life, I like this Lacoste robe. It's Terry cloth cotton, not overly bulky and also not paper thin. It's a good length too for men. It comes in several colors!

Anker Speaker

This is my pick for a bluetooth speaker gift. This one by Anker has a 66' range, so if you want to leave it outside while you run inside with your phone, it should be fine. I like too that it's coated and water resistant, which makes it perfect for the bathroom, beach, or pool.

Host Freezer Beer & Wine Glasses

I love these! Such a fun, unique gift for someone who has everything. These are freezer-safe glasses. They have a gel inside between the double walls that freezes and keeps your drinks cold. I originally bought these as a Father's Day gift back in June, and now the wine versions are a favorite of mine too. These would be great gifts for couples, white elephant, or friends.

The Bartesian

It's 5 o'clock somewhere. I have been loving our Bartesian. It's like the Keurig of cocktails. You insert a pod for your favorite drink, and it automatically dispenses the drink for you.

Before you start, you'll need to fill the glass vessels in the back with your favorite spirits. It has one for vodka, gin, tequila and rum. They then make drink pods for Cosmos, Long Islands, Old Fashioned, Margaritas, Mint Juleps and others, too. The ingredients are really fresh (they have expiration dates on them) and taste amazing. When you insert your pod, it scans the barcode and knows exactly what spirt to mix in. It also asks you what strength you'd like your drink (I go with medium). You can also make mocktails with it!

Ecolution Popcorn Popper

I love this microwave popcorn popper. It's a great gift for tweens, teens, college students, or snackers like me. To use it, you fill the lid with popcorn kernels. Then you pour them into the bowl. The lid has holes in the bottom, so you can add a pad of butter if you'd like and it will melt over your popcorn as it cooks. Add some seasonings if you'd like ( I like Gingerbread Cookie seasoning). We eat out of it, too!

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