• Jill Crowe

Get Your Porch Warm Weather Ready

I spent yesterday power washing our back deck. It's actually my favorite outdoor chore to do! While we have a ways to go with it, I'm still envisioning spending a lot of time our there in a few weeks.

*Commissionable links*

Outdoor Seating Conversation Set

Outdoor Seating - A different look, if you have more room in your budget!

Patio Umbrella - Great price on this and it comes in several colors

Planter Box with Lion's head - Not pictured here, but this is my favorite planter that's in stock right now!

Indoor/Outdoor Rug - One of your favorites and mine!

Set of Two Wicker Cushioned Chairs - Love this if you have an apartment patio and not a ton of room. It's PERFECT.

Double Faux Topiary - Fabulous deal if you've been looking for one!

Navy Blue Ottoman - Perfect place to put your feet up

Blue and White Citronella Candles - Hey, it's the South. We basically have one of these burning at all times.

Outdoor Pillow - You guys have been loving this set!

Garden Stool - I have one of these by our patio set and would love a second for inside too.

Rattan Outdoor Solar Lantern - These really intrigue me! They're solar powered, which I love, and the rattan is such a nice look.

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