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Get the Look of Polished Floors

Hours after we got the keys to our house, we ran inside to start our first project - using Rejuvenate on our hardwood floors. We had read about this product and seen the before and afters. It promises to restore and add a glossy shine to your hardwoods. (They also make one for all other flooring surfaces that I’m linking too). Because we hadn’t moved any furniture in yet, we decided it would be the perfect time to use the product.

First, I mopped the floors really well with this O’Cedar spin mop. It actually makes mopping fun, which I can’t believe I’m writing. I used @GoCleanCo’s recipe of a gallon of hot water and one tbsp of Tide powder, and the dirt just came right off. This is now my go-to way to clean my floors!

Once they dried from the mopping, we applied the Rejuvenate to the floors. We worked with the grain of the floors, squeezing it out of the bottle and using the microfiber mop head to coat the floors.

When they say this stuff adds shine, they aren’t kidding. Our floors may look wet, but it dried that shiny too. We had some areas with scratches that seemed to magically fill in. Now, we also have patches like by our front door that are really worn, and while the Rejuvenate seemed to make those slightly less noticeable,

they‘re going to eventually need sanded.

We ended up doing another coat the next morning when the movers came. I love how it turned out!

Rejuvenate WOOD Floor Restorer

Rejuvenate ALL FLOORING Restorer

O’Cedar Spin Mop

Powdered Tide

Mop System

Bonnet Applicator

Vacuum - Great for every day cleaning, but we also use this to suck up dust from renovations. I'd say this is part vacuum, part dry-vac

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