• Jill Crowe

DIY No-Sew Bolster Pillow

To make the pillow, you'll need a few items:

  • The velvet pillowcase - 16 x 20"

  • The bolster pillow - This one fits exactly right. If you get another pillow, I can't ensure it'll fit or work

  • Trim tape - if you'd like

  • Fabric Glue, if you decide you want the trim tape

All linked here

Insert the bolster pillow in the bottom of the pillowcase. It should fit end to end but still have excess on top.

Begin tucking the excess alongside the long side of the pillow until all the excess is tucked in.

Tuck in the corners on the ends of the pillow so that the bolster has a round shape.

Cut your trim tape. I wrapped mine around and then cut it, but I'd estimate it to be about 10".

Wrap your trim tape around the pillow and glue the ends of your trim tape together. Repeat for the other side.

That's it! Be sure to share your bolster pillows on Instagram and tag me in them!

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