• Jill Crowe

DIY Bathroom Tile Glazing

I love old houses, but sometimes with an old house, you get an old bathroom. I shared with you all that I'm a bit of a glaze-a-holic today in my Stories. I've reglazed four bathrooms of ours so far, including three bathtubs. I find the before and afters of those bathrooms so thrilling. For under $100 - and sometimes far less than that - I can completely transform a bathroom for what would have cost us thousands.

Rustoleum Tub and Tile Glaze

Rustoleum Tub and Tile - Spray for Touch Ups and Soap Dishes

Foam Roller

I'd love to see your bathroom reglazing projects! Feel free to tag me in a photo or DM them to me @grandmillennialhomedeals

I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post, but it doesn't affect the pricing on your end. Thanks for your support!

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