• Jill Crowe

Bright and Airy Spaces

Which Grand Millennial are you? I feel like there's two ways this trend has evolved: a bright and airy feeling with lots of rattans and whites OR an embracing of dark woods and deeper colors. I certainly have a mix of both, and some rooms lend themselves to one more than the other.

Today, I felt like designing a room with some light and bright pieces.

Club Chair - Also comes in Navy!

Bar Cart Decanter Set - A great set of cut glasses and a decanter for your bar cart!

Gold Bar Cart

Ralph Lauren Crystal Glasses - I have these glasses and love them. Perfect for my margs haha

Wagon Wheel Chandelier - You could add shades to this to make it really personalized

Antelope Wool Rug - I love this pattern. I feel like it could go with both light and darker decor.

Rattan Coffee Table - Wow, a great price on this!

Ticking Stripe Lumbar Pillow Shams - A set of 2 for $10? Yes please

Rattan Coaster Set - A steal!! Add these to your bar cart

Woven Rattan Flower Stand - Love this to get my fiddle leaf fig up higher off the floor

Rattan Wall Sconces - Love these for a reading book or beside your night stand

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