• Jill Crowe

Baby's Breath for Springtime

There's something so sweet about an entire bouquet of baby's breath. I saw @themakerista make a giant arrangement out of them this week and had to give it a try.

I'm using this vase from Target that I originally planned to use for summer hydrangeas, but it's perfect for this Spring floral arrangement. I placed the vase on this charger from my Spring table, too.

Because this arrangement gets so big, it's great in a foyer to make a statement. I'm using it on our bar - moving aside the Tres Agaves for it's photo debut.

I picked up three bouquets of it for $12 at Harris Teeter this morning. It was just enough for me, but I could see going even bigger than this if your budget permits.

What do you think? Tag me in your photos if you make this arrangement this Spring!



Vase >>>

Charger >>>

Votives >>>

My bamboo shades >>

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