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Amazon Presidents' Day Sales

Retailers seem to be coming out strong this President’s Day weekend. I’m seeing a lot of deals that look more like Black Friday than mid-February promotions, but I'm not mad about it!

Great price on a robot vacuum. I hardly ever see these under $100. I love and use mine every day. This is a MUST for pets and toddlers.

This cold brew system intrigues me. I think it'd be great in the summer when hot coffee just isn't as appealing to me.

I found these Amazon brand duvet covers that comes in multiple colors. Mine gets here tomorrow, but the reviews look great for it. It looks like a Ballard dupe to me that's much, MUCH more expensive (this one's only $30 right now!).

I've been on the fence about the Echo show during Prime Day, but I think today's the day for me. This one connects to multiple apps, including Ring doorbells and Spotify. The white would be great in my kitchen or on a nightstand.

Lastly, the air fryer and immersion blenders are two of my favorite kitchen appliances. I love how this air fryer comes in white, which is a lot prettier to look at on my countertop. I use my immersion blender to puree soups right in the pot. So much easier than having to pour hot soup into a blender. Ouch!

Air Fryer

Immersion Blender

39” Smart TV

Echo 5 Show

Robot Vacuum

Duvet Insert

Cold Brew System

Duvet Cover (a steal and a dupe!)

Rug pad

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