• Jill Crowe

Affordable Curtains! #1 Blue Grey Patterned Curtains

Launching a new series today - Affordable Curtains! Sometimes curtains can be so hard to find, especially affordably. In this new series, I'll be testing out some curtains to see what they look like in real life for you.

Have a pair you've wondered about? Let me know in the comments. Or if you're shopping for a particular color, let me know too!

Anyway, this pair checks a lot of boxes for me. They're a soft blue/grey. If you lean more coastal or organic in style, this would definitely appeal to your decor. I like the pattern when it's bunched together. I think they look like the expensive ones on the market right now. Just a hint of pattern that should play nicely with stripes or even antelope patterns.

They're also blackout! I tested them during daytime with the most amount of sunlight coming in, and they blocked a decent amount of the light. I'd recommend them for bedrooms or anywhere you want sun - and HEAT - to be blocked.

I hope this helps!


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