• Jill Crowe

A Play Room That Grows With You

Sharing today an idea for a play room that hopefully doesn’t scream “kids live here!” (ok maybe that little table does...) My kids are 4 and 2.5, so we have had our fair share of messes and things that have worked for us. i hope you enjoy!

Commissionable links below, but it doesn’t affect the price you pay.

Indoor/Outdoor Rug - In our last house, we used an indoor/outdoor rug in the playroom. It wipes clean, and twice a year, we would take it outside and pressure wash it to make it look brand new. You can add a rug pad underneath for extra cushion.

Curtains For the rods, pins, and rings I use to hang curtains, click here)


Table with 4 Chairs

Couch Great price on this. Similar to the one we have in our playroom.

Wicker baskets - We use these for trucks or bigger toys that can’t fit in the cubby. I like them on the floor so the kids can get out what they want for independent play. Also makes clean up easier. White Bookcase - We have something similar and use it as a TV stand because this is also our “movie room.” Be sure to bolt this and a TV to the wall using these.

Gallery Wall Picture Frames - Love these frames for hanging your kids’ art!

Battery sconces for over artwork Green Sconces - Don’t have hard wiring for these? No problem. Use the puck light trick.

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