• Jill Crowe

A Fun Guest Bathroom

I think a guest bathroom is the perfect place to have a little whimsy or fun. While I'm not into "themed" bathrooms, you have the ability here to choose a bolder paint color, wallpaper, or towel color than you would normally, since you're not going to be using it every day. And if your kids use the guest bathroom? Yes, even more reason to have a little fun! Be sure to check out that millwork I’m linking. We used it at our last house to add picture frame moldings on the walls, and it definitely added value.

*Commissionable Links Below*

Towels - I love these towels and also think they'd look great with an applique monogram.

Vanity - We had a similar vanity like this in our last house. I love the marble top.


Gold Sconces - a classic look and so affordable

DIY molding/mill work - We're probably going to get a lot of questions about this, but yes, this is millwork that you can glue onto your walls to create your own custom molding. It's crazy simple and adds so much value to your home.

Scalloped flush mount - I love this scalloped, clover look. We have a similar one that's out of stock, but I may even like this one more.

Wallpaper - I love this wallpaper. It’s on my list to use it in someway in this house. Wallpaper Application Tools - You’re definitely going to need an exacto knife like this for your wallpaper. It helps to trim around mirror or outlets. Garden stool - nice to hold a candle

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