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A Blue and White Bedroom

I'm so excited to announce the launch of my Amazon storefront today! It makes shopping my recommended products so much easier! With the storefront, you're able to browse my picks by category, like bedroom, kitchen, living room, storage, lighting, and more.

I'll continue to upload to LikeToKnow.it and here on the blog, though. But if you're ever shopping for something and want to see if I have a recommendation for it, browse my categories in the shop!

You can access it by clicking on my bio on my Instagram or bookmark www.amazon.com/shop/grandmillennialhomedeals. Once there, you can select to follow me!

This blue and white bedroom all got started with this wallpaper. One of my readers posted her bathroom, where she used this pattern in the black and white colors. It's gorgeous! Check my stories today to see it IRL.

From there, I added this swivel chair. If you have enough room, I'd do two and create a small lounge area!

*Commissionable links - I make a small commission, but it doesn't affect your price*


Swivel Chair - a STEAL!

Pagoda Pillow

Leopard Pillow

Quilt & Shams


Lamps - These have a cord so you can click it on and off from bed!

Rattan Rug

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